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Lea Schodel is the principal Wellness Consultant at The Modern Careerist.Lea is a wealth coach, yoga teacher and passionate wellbeing advocate. As founder of the social enterprise Wellthy, Lea was named 2016 Money Management Young Achiever of the Year.Based near Brisbane, Australia Lea works with an array of people from different backgrounds who are seeking support to create an authentic and purposeful relationship with wealth and wellbeing.Be inspired by working with Lea during one of our upcoming programs:Happy Work Life (Executive Program) August 8th - 13th 2017 in Ubud, Bali. Book-Program-HereAct with Purpose (For Advice Leaders) August 22nd - 27th 2017 in Ubud, Bali. Book-Program-Here

5 Ways to Better Manage Stress Today

Stress is a common factor in most people’s lives. Finances, relationships, work pressures, raising a family, meeting expectations are all common causes of stress. Whilst a small amount of stress can be helpful, if you experience consistent and prolonged levels of stress it can be very harmful to your health and wellbeing. While there are […]

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What Makes Us Happy?

It took more than 15 years of research into personal well-being and over 60,000 responses to a well-being survey for researchers to discover what they believe is the secret to happiness. And the answer it seems may be simpler than you may have imagined. According to Deakin University, the secret to happiness boils down to just […]

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How to Break Free from Limiting Money Beliefs

Money beliefs are ideas, thoughts or opinions that impact our money behaviour. Money beliefs are influenced by our parents, peers, schooling and the media. In fact a recent study showed that our money beliefs are largely formed by the age of 7! Our beliefs actually come from the way we interpret our experiences. As our […]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

I’ve been reading alot lately and the theme of gratitude keeps popping up. Apparently positive vibes aren’t just for hippies and practicing gratitude isn’t just a spiritual or religious practice. Consider this – A negative attitude is bad for you. Why? If you invest in a way of seeing the world that is negative and […]

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When Less is More – 10 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Between work, study, fitness and hobbies, keeping up with household chores, kids, our partners and our friends – life can get pretty complicated. Greater use of technology and our faster paced society sees many of us with super busy lifestyles, more stress and less freedom. Each year seems to be passing quicker and many of […]

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The Path to Wealth Wellness

A while back I had the privilege of teaching a yoga and money workshop as part of a beautiful spring well-being retreat organised by the incredible Joining Hands team: a social enterprise which provides health & well-being treatments to disadvantaged and homeless youth. My message was inspired by a quote by the late Wayne Dyer…”if we change […]

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Financial Self-Care

Along with all other components of our well-being (our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being) our financial well-being is vital if we’re to have total wellness. Most of us recognise the importance of self-care in taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture our physical and emotional well-being, yet I’m not sure […]

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Making Spending Intentional

Are you spending money the way you want to: on purpose, rather than by accident or habit? When it comes to our spending often our unconscious habits and behaviours can trip us up. Most of us spend money on needs and wants, emotionally and impulsively even without awareness. But it’s important that we don’t let our […]

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Dare to Be Different in the World of Financial Advice

Yoga, Mindfulness, Well-being + Money…. perhaps not your typical combination when it comes to giving financial advice. In fact, my somewhat unorthodox approach is generally met with either wide-eyed scepticism or fascination. I’m so often asked why!? and then how? that I thought it may be a good time to share. My response to the […]

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The Image of Wellness

If you think about the term “wellness” you’re more than likely to think active wear, green smoothies, ridiculous yoga poses, cross-fit workouts, natural medicine and remedies, day spas and indulgent retreats in exotic locations… This image of “wellness” is a big business – in fact, it’s stated as a $3.7 trillion-dollar industry globally in 2015 according to […]

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