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Nina Sochon

Remote work expert

Nina Sochon shows CEOs and senior executives how to rethink flexible work styles to succeed.

Using her ‘effective flexible work’ framework (which has been adopted by the Australian Government and endorsed by leading Australian businesses and research organisations), Nina helps executives implement and manage flexible and remote work practices without sacrificing team performance. With Nina’s help your remote team can outperform a co-located team by up to 22%.

As a keynote speaker and author Nina is a leading contributor in Australia and New Zealand to the conversation about the future of work.

Nina is based in Wellington, New Zealand and works with businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia as a consultant, trainer and coach.

Learn more about Nina here and here.

Terri Reid

Coach and business consultant

Terri Reid is a coach and business consultant who has combined her passion for understanding human behaviour with her knowledge of business from over 20 years in the financial services industry. Her focus is to help people get the balance right between culture and commercialism.

Having a thirst for growth, knowledge and transformation, Terri has studied and experienced how a greater sense of self-awareness improves our understanding of and connection with others and how this translates into success in business and in life.

Terri dedicates herself to making the complex simple and the simple compelling. As well as making knowledge achievable and accessible, her real value is in coaching her clients on how to be the best version of themselves and then show it authentically in business and in life.

Based in Perth, Australia Terri’s mission is “to inspire people to lead a purposeful and passionate life so that we profit and grow together”.

Learn more about Terri here.

Lea Schodel

Wealth coach, yoga teacher and passionate wellbing advocate

Lea Schodel is a wealth coach, yoga teacher and passionate wellbeing advocate.

Her wellness events and retreats take an innovative approach to wellbeing combining mindfulness, meditation, yoga, personal development and wealth management concepts in a holistic and creative way.

Lea believes the journey to wellbeing starts by understanding ourselves: our personality, beliefs and habits, as well as our goals and intentions for our health and wellbeing.

As founder of the social enterprise Wellthy, Lea was named 2016 Money Management Young Achiever of the Year. Based near Brisbane, Australia Lea works with an array of people from different backgrounds who are seeking support to create an authentic and purposeful relationship with wealth and wellbeing.

Learn more about Lea here and here.

Ranjith Vallathol

Certified Ayurvedic nutritionist and yoga trainer

Ranjith Vallathol is on a mission to improve corporate and women’s health in India, and beyond.

With his new and unique approach to wellness, Ranjith, a certified Ayurvedic nutritionist and yoga trainer, provides online lifestyle consultations and stress management counselling through his venture Thathasthu Wellness.

Based in Bangalore, India, Ranjith is currently conducting research in Sanskrit and ancient Indian philosophies. He loves collaborating with like-minded social entrepreneurs and has co-founded The Yogic Journeys to offer unparalleled yogic retreats across the world.

Learn more about Ranjith here and here.

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